#5 Open for Business |30 Apr 2022

So in my last blog on 5th April, I said I would be adding items to my shop that weekend.  Haha….well that didn’t go to plan!

I could blame all sorts of things but the truth is I’d forgotten just how long it takes to do all the work behind the scenes; the SEO, product descriptions, tags, photographs, postage and general preparation in getting a website fully up and running.  

I also thought it would be nice to tell the story/inspiration behind each book so I’ve included a section called ‘every book tells a story’, which tells the story of how I came to make notebooks, as well as a few other pages that might be of interest.

This website has taken a lot of hours and a lot of time but I’m really happy with the final result and am so pleased to tell you that the Billy & Ralph website shop is now officially open, wahoo!. I still have a few items to add and a new product launching soon but I hope that you like what you see so far.

I am so very proud of my notebooks – they take a long time to make but they really are handmade with love. If I am lucky enough for you to buy or own one of them, I hope that you love them as much as I do.

See you all again soon.

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