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Hello, my name is Deanne and some of you may know me from craisymissdaisy where I make appliques, bunting and lots of other crafty things.

I have always loved notebooks so it really was only a matter of time before I started making my own.  I made my first one a few years ago, The Serendipity Journal, and from then I was hooked.

I love how I can get really creative with these books and the endless possibilities with colours, textures and patterns.  The majority of my books have fabric covers, together with cream or coloured pages as  I am sensitive to light so the glare of white paper is a big no for me,  The alternative colours and faint lines make writing so much more enjoyable.

I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to get started and I look forward to sharing my notebooks, journals and continuing the craisymissdaisy journey with you.

Deanne x

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