The Serendipity Story

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The inspiration for the Serendipity Journal came during my own journey of self discovery, which happened completely by accident.  This is my serendipity story.

It all started in 2017 that was a pretty stressful year and by the end of it I was drained. I was always so busy doing things for others that I had neglected to take care of myself and my health was suffering because of it. 

At the beginning of 2018 I decided to change. I set aside a little time every night to think about my day and found a quote, phrase or song that summed up my day. I began to do the things that I had put off and first on the list was decluttering it’s amazing what you accumulate over the years. I found it to be very therapeutic and it not only cleared the material things but it helped to clear my mind too. 

I rediscovered my passions and my love of music it has always been there but I realised just how much music means to me and how it has always been the one thing that feeds my soul. I found clarity, stepped out of my comfort zone and very slowly began to see a glimpse of the girl I used to be. At the end of the year when I looked back on my daily quotes I realised that I finished 2018 a lot better than I started. 

I continued with the quotes in 2019 and if I’m honest I probably didn’t take as much time out for myself as I should have, however, that was the year that I built my craisymissdaisy website (my other venture), so not all was lost! 

Towards the end of 2019 after a busy run up to Christmas I felt drained. I worked a little bit longer than I should have and I’m still not sure how Christmas came together as up until the 20th December, I hadn’t done any Christmas preparations or shopping! I closed my shop for Christmas, took a couple of weeks off and did absolutely nothing apart from resting, spending time with my family and watching Christmas films. It did me the world of good and helped me to refocus. 

Soon enough the inspiration started to flow, which is how this book finally came together. When I was trying to find a name for the journal I had a few things in mind but realised that serendipity (finding something beautiful without looking for it) was perfect such a beautiful word, which really sums up the past few years.

I never set out on a journey of self discovery, it just happened, but I am so very grateful as I have learnt so much about myself and all of the themes in this journal have helped me in some way.

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