#2 And slowly the journey begins - 30th January 2022

handmade floral Serendipity Journal by Billy and Ralph

Hello again.  Firstly thank you to everyone who has shown their support for Billy & Ralph, the kind words, good luck wishes, newsletter sign-ups and just general encouragement, it really is appreciated and I am definitely feeling the love.

This week has been a bit slower for me with regards to Billy & Ralph, as I haven’t accomplished or posted as much as I’d hoped.  However, it has turned into a bit of a planning week, so all is not lost. 

I have quite a flexible, somewhat unconventional, approach to planning, which has this week involved a swimming pool and a beach!  Instead of counting lengths I swim for a set time and use the time to plan instead – it may sound crazy but it’s worked really well and I’ve managed to swim 5 times this week so have some great ideas to work with.

I also had an hour to spare on Saturday whilst my teenage tech expert celebrated his birthday in an escape room, so I escaped to the beach.  It was such a beautiful January day, really warm sunshine and not too much wind either. One of my favourite places and the perfect hour of planning.

One of the ideas I have been working on is something I’ve never done before.  It’s gradually taking shape but still needs a little work so I can’t say too much at the moment but as soon as it’s done I will share it with you.

Hopefully this week will be more doing and less planning as I edge ever closer to launch day, which is hopefully only a few weeks away!

See you soon

Deanne x

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